#1 Widget Based Spy Tool

Stop Wasting your time! Try now the first and only Widget-Based Spy tool and Uncover all the best Profitable Campaigns on Native, Pop and Adult

All the features that you would expect from a spy tool.. and more!

  • Widget ID

    See where an advertisement is running and for how long. Find similar websites/widget IDs you can run your campaign onto by researching a particular vertical.

  • Real Time Scan

    We provide you an insights of what’s running on a particular website in that moment in a country and geo of your choosing.

  • Get Publisher Info

    BuddyAd lets you discover premium placements with great quality of traffic so that you can avoid having your ads running on shitty websites.

  • Easy Landing Page Download

    See and download  your competitor’s landing pages in a single click

  • Store what’s important

    Just click on the  icon and save an interesting ad you’ve found and make sure you don’t forget about it.

  • Discover global campaigns.

    Curious if the same ad is profitable in other placements or countries as well? We give you that information on the banner page.

Try Now the only Widget - Based Spy Tool Used by Super Affiliates

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